Pax Orbis

T he Green Parliament Party was founded in 2020 when we (the founders) decided that a new political party was needed. A party that holds the ideals of the younger generation, the generation that is stepping into this world. This new party will help lead this country to greaness, but also respects te work and progress that previous generations have made. To meet our founders click on the "Members!" page of the menu. As a party we share many political ideals with the Green Party of the United States, but also have our own stance on many issues. To learn more about our stances on the issues select the "Issues!" link from the menu.

"Why the owls?" The owl is a very wise and strong bird that often flies alone. On the occasions when owls travel in groups those groups are called parliaments, due to the large amount of wisdom together. We, like owls, often fly alone, full strength, power, and wisdom, but when we come together to work for progress that is all multiplied and we can accomplish anything.