Pax Orbis

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Gun Control

We believe that we need stricter gun control in America. It should be harder to buy and own a gun. Mental health checks must be a requirement before you can own a gun. Assault rifles are not necessary for regular citizens and should be banned. We believe laws restricting the number of gun shops can help keep the number of guns out of unfit hands. We also support laws that help keep the amount of unneeded ammunition in the hands of citizens low, such as laws that require you to return spent cartridges before you can buy fresh ones.

Education Reform

We believe that education is a right for all. We will work to provide free college tuition for all qualified students at public universities. We must eliminate police officers from schools. Schools must be kept safe by trained mental health and conflict diffusion professionals. Schools need increased funding for the arts and a much wider mental health outreach and education system. We oppose corporate funding and the privatization of education.

Poverty Relief

We believe that large portions of our communities are in desperate need and we need to provide help and relief now. Currently, housing officials are reporting homeless people freezing to death in the wintertime. We know that this is horrible and needs immediate action. Shelters need to be created for immediate relief and we need to put the foundation in place for a long-term solution. In 2019 there were reported to be over 17 million vacant homes around the country. We are aware that these are not all ready to house people and provide shelter but it's a great start. Homeless and poverty-stricken Americans are still Americans. We will create reforms that help single parents, financially struggling areas and communities, and increase the minimum wage to a living wage.

"Why the owls?" The owl is a very wise and strong bird that often flies alone. On the occasions when owls travel in groups those groups are called parliaments, due to the large amount of wisdom together. We, like owls, often fly alone, full strength, power, and wisdom, but when we come together to work for progress that is all multiplied and we can accomplish anything.